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Haute Hope Headbands

As many of you know or don't, Beth Levy (Co-Founder and CEO of Bolt Addiction LLC and BABL, Inc.) recently went through AND BEAT breast cancer.  During that time she started a non-profit, which is officially a 501(c)3 organization, had raised almost $20,000 in a 10 month span.  Feel free to read more about "BadAss Beth" over at or at the BadAss Beth Facebook page.  

With that being said, Bolt Addiction LLC is "Giving Back" as part of our ongoing mission.  It is possible that many of you who are now "Bolt⚡️Addicted" or have been following our social media accounts are wondering...
“Why all the headband posts and why headbands?”
Besides headbands being the “IT” fashion accessory at the moment, or completing your look, shareable with your daughters; the main purpose of the headband is to keep hair out of your face.  When Beth lost all of her hair during chemo, she said that was absolutely the hardest part for her and her womenhood, but it was just as difficult for her two young daughters. 
Having cancer and being sick on the inside is tough for everyone fighting the disease, but with no hair she felt and looked sick on the outside as well.  The moment that her hair started growing in, it had a mind of its own and not in a good way.  Thank G-D for all of the topknot headbands because they made her feel normal and fashionable, but more importantly they made her feel like a women again.
Anyone who purchases a headband from Bolt Addiction will also be simultaneously donating a headband to a women battling or recovering from breast cancer.  Bolt Addiction is going to donate a like for like, 1:1 on every headband purchased.  We will be donating and dispersing these headbands to local area health systems, hospitals and treatment centers around Northern Illinois.
Thank to everyone that has purchased headbands thus far and for all the support.
Stay "Bolt⚡️Addicted" and let's fight this terrible disease while looking and feeling good! 
 🎀 Haute ⚡️ Hope 🎗 Headbands 🎀
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*This promotion has no affiliation with with BABL, Inc. other than Beth Levy being the Co-Founder and CEO of both organizations.  The donation of headbands are solely the property of Bolt Addiction LLC and the " 🎀 Haute ⚡️ Hope 🎗 Headbands 🎀" promotion.